Powerful Access Control + Time Attendance System with Display
- Standalone & Network (RS485,TCP/IP)
- Support 2,000 up to 5,000 Card Holders
- Blue LCD

CV9600(S)-X-2B is high level access control terminal with time attendance function with Display. It is a contactless reading Mifare Secure Sector or read only (UID) device that supports ISO14443A Mifare.

The terminal features with stand-alone mode or network mode via RS485 or build-in TCP/IP; 2,000-5,000 cardholders can be registered, events reach up to 10,000. Work modes include Card only, PIN only, or Card+ PIN with backlight keypad. With 15 changeable time group (each time group has 8 days including 1 holiday and each day has 5 time schedule), CV9600(S)-X-2B can meet different regulatory requirements.

The terminal guarantees that record does not lose. Blue LCD makes it an attractive solution for indoor use. It also features an external reader for anti-passing back (Wiegand port) for high security.


Powerful and friendly application software is offered for access control & time attendance solution with integrated user management, which is designed for single or network management on CV9600(S)-X-2B Terminal by simple one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users. SDK is also open for customer’s further development in short time.


The Family Members Are
   CV9600-X-2B  --  Mifare Secure Sector
CV9600S-X-2B  --  Mifare Serial Number Only (UID)

◆  Stand-alone mode and network mode
◆  2,000 users, expandable up to 5,000
◆  10,000 event records
◆  Work mode:Card,Card +Pin,Pin mode
◆  Changeable 15 time group,each time group has 8 days including 1holiday 
     and each day has 5 time schedule
◆  Buind-in TCP/IP interface
◆  APB function,external reader for anti-passing(Wiegand port)
◆  All I/Os and operating times user keypad programmable
◆  2 inputs and 2 outputs
◆  Housing sabotage alarm
◆  Dual funciton for access control and time attendance
◆  Watch-dog timer & power on reset
◆  PC housing material