Powerful Access Control + Time Attendance System
with Display, EM125KHz Technology

- Standalone & Network (RS485,TCP/IP)
- Support 2,000 up to 5,000 Card Holders
- Blue LCD

EL500-X-2B is high level access control terminal with time attendance function with Display, EM125kHz

The terminal features with stand-alone mode, network mode via RS485 or build-in TCP/IP; 2,000-5,000
cardholders can be registered, events reach up to 10,000. Work modes include Card only, PIN only, or
Card+ PIN with backlight keypad. With 15 changeable time group (each time group has 8 days including
1 holiday and each day has 5 time schedule), EL500-X-2B can meet different regulatory requirements.

Blue LCD makes it an attractive solution for indoor use. It also features an external reader for
anti-passing back (Wiegand port) for high security.

Powerful and friendly application software is offered for access control & time attendance solution with integrated user management, which is designed for single or network management on EL500-X-2B Terminal by simple one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users. SDK is also open for customer’s further development in short time. 
◆  Stand-alone mode and network mode
◆  2,000 user, expandable up to 5,000 user
◆  10,000 event records
◆  Card, Card + PIN, PIN mode
◆  Changeable 15 time group, each time group has 8 days including 
     1 holiday and e ach day has 5 time schedule
◆  Build-in TCP/IP interface
◆  APB function, external reader for anti-passing (Wiegand port)
◆  All I/Os and operating times user keypad programmable
◆  2 inputs and 2 outputs
◆  Housing sabotage alarm
◆  Dual function for access control and time attendance
◆  Watch-dog timer & power on reset
◆  PC housing material

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