Anti-vandal powerful dual Access Control + T/A System
with keypad, EM125kHz technology
- Standalone & Network (RS485,TCP/IP)
- Support 512,2000,5000 users
- Vandal-Proof, IP65
- Work mode: Card, Card or Pin, Card + Pin

EL501T-X-1F is high level dual access control and time attendance system terminal, EM125kHz technology.

The terminal features with stand-alone mode or network mode via RS485 or build-in TCP/IP. It can automatically switch work mode between Card only, Card or PIN, Card + PIN. Furthermore, the terminal enables to set parameter of valid time for users. With 15 changeable time group (each time group has 8 days including 1 holiday and each day has 5 time schedule), EL501T-X-1F can meet different regulatory requirements.

The terminal features toggle function, so the door could be opened for a specific period of time and closed by presenting card, it’s suitable for frequent access place such as hotel, classroom, hospital, school, bank, government agency, industrial and mining enterprises, outdoor work etc. It also features an external reader for anti-passing back (Wiegand port) for high security.

Powerful and friendly application software is offered for access control & time attendance solution with integrated user management, which is designed for single or network management on EL501T-X-1F Terminal by simple one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users. SDK is also open for customer’s further development in short time.
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EL501T-X-1F  --  Anti-vandal powerful dual Access Control+ T/A system with keypad EM125KHz technology

◆  Stand-alone mode and network mode
◆  Automatic to switch work mode: Card, Card or Pin, 
      Card + Pin (password length can be set 2~6 digits)
◆  Various number of cardholder and events is selectable:
       (512; 10,000), (2000; 50,000) and (5000; 100,000)
◆  Enable to set parameter of valid time for users
◆  Changeable 15 time group, each time group has 8 days including
       1 holiday and each day has 5 time schedule
◆  Guarantee that the record does not lose
◆  Vandal resistant for harsh environment
◆  Adjust Controller time
◆  4bit burst input format
◆  External reader for anti-passing (Wiegand port)
◆  Automatic to identify and receive signal input from wiegand 26/34 interface
◆  All I/Os and operating times user keypad programmable
◆  Toggle mode of door opening for a specific period of time, suitable for
       frequently in/out place
◆  Housing sabotage alarm and self diagnostics
◆  Watch-dog timer & power on reset
◆  Duress alarm in case of emergency

Product Image
    EL501T-X -1F
   120*75* 22mm